President’s Message – December, 2012

Holiday greetings to all friends and Society members.

As the days get shorter and a little bit colder it is great to enjoy the world’s most beautiful flowers in the comfort of a warm home. But even better is the enjoyment of companions and friends who have journeyed along life’s road with us, and shared our experiences. In this spirit, I would encourage all members to join us at out annual Christmas dinner and orchid auction. As always the event will be a pot luck affair, with the society providing the meat dish – in this case pulled pork barbecue.

Whether you have no orchids to contribute, or no space to place purchased plants, you will have a warm and often spirited experience. And really, when did lack of space ever present a real obstacle when it comes to that must-have plant? Please contribute any clean, disease/pest free divisions of plants so that others can enjoy them, and our society can prosper. Orchids make great Christmas gifts, and the auction always provides a great variety of choice clones and rare opportunities – not to mention the fun when the bidding gets going in earnest.

I really do hope to see many of you there. The event will be at our usual Garden Center at 7:00 pm. (I will try to get the doors open by 6:30 for those who may need to set up, or want to pitch in – hint, hint).

To those of you who simply cannot make it, please accept my sincere wishes for a great holiday season, and a flourishing, new, growing year!


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