Community Service Project

I have a friend whose name is Paul, he had a stroke almost 9 years ago. He lives in an assisted living facility in the Brickyard area called Chateau Brickyard. In my visits with him there, I have meet most of the other residents and staff. These people don’t get out much unless it’s a trip sponsored by the facility or if they have family in the area. I thought it would be nice if we were to put on a small orchid show for them. As with most people, they only know the most common orchids but there are many more to enjoy. I was hoping we could gather 20 to 30 orchids of different types for us to present at their place. I was only planning on being there for 3 to 4 four at the most. I think it would be great if we could talk with them about growing orchids, where the orchids come from, what an orchid is and why it’s different from other flowers. I know they would really appreciate us showing off our plants and sharing our knowledge. I asked at our Christmas dinner how everybody feels about doing this and left that night with 2 offers to help. I asked the-management if we could do this and they thought it would be really nice if we did a small presentation.

Thanks, Robert P. – (leave a comment or email or contact me directly if you have the information.

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