President’s Message – February, 2013

February is here again with its long, winter nights and sometimes smoggy days. Still, so many orchids bloom this time of year, the interiors of our homes and greenhouses may compensate for the bleakness outdoors. One of the things I most enjoy about orchid growing is the optimistic suspense involved. Will this new plant flower as wonderfully as I hoped when I bought it unbloomed? Will this blooming of an old standby be as good as last year? Better?

February is a little like that. There is a pale but growing promise in the lengthening days. Will this be an early spring? Will a storm blow out the stagnant air and bathe us briefly in sunshine again? Will March actually exit like a lamb? We hopefully wait and see.

Our next meeting will be on February 11th and will be a round table discussion of growing tips and techniques. I encourage members to make the effort to bring flowering plants for show and tell, so we can use them as spring boards for topics.

And, one more time, congratulations Jim Coyner for your Orchid Digest Diamond award!


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