Regular Meeting – Monday, February 9th, Door Open: 7:00 PM, Meeting Start: 7:30 PM

We have Linda Wilhelm of Woodland Orchids located in Charlotte NC presenting her talk titled The Wonderful World of Oncidiums (mostly discussing species). Oncidiums tend to be showy and can have awesome inflorescences.

Linda has extended to the society a 15% discount on preorders. You can review her inventory at Linda’s phone number is (704) 393-1740 and her email address is Be sure to mention that the plants are to be brought to our meeting.

Join fellow members and Linda for dinner at The Dodo located at 1355 E 2100 S staring at 5:30 pm.

Some background information on Linda:

Linda Wilhelm started growing orchids in 1980 after a vacation in Florida with her mother. Already intrigued by orchids, she finally bought a small cattleya seedling, not knowing at the time that it would take seven or eight years to get a bloom. It was the beginning of an addiction. After meeting Rolf in 1985, the addiction became severe when he too got involved with orchids.

When the hobby got out of hand and developed into a serious passion for both Linda and Rolf, they started their business Woodland Orchids. They specialize in breeding warm tolerant Oncidiinae (several of their new hybrids have received awards from the AOS), compact cattleyas and also line breed a number of different species and have made some wonderful Stanhopea hybrids. An Accredited Judge with the AOS, Linda is very active in the judging program, having served in various positions with the Carolinas Judging Center including the job of the Training Coordinator, 5 years as the Chair of the Center and six years as a Trustee for the American Orchid Society. She enjoys being involved in shows outside her region, including offshore shows in the islands. It offers such an opportunity to see a different variety of orchids as well as an opportunity to extend my group of friends. She is a frequent guest speaker at orchid societies all over the USA and has spoken outside the US at places such as Brazil , Trinidad , Barbados and Guatemala.

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