Regular Monthly Meeting – Monday, March 13th, Door Open: 7:00 PM, Meeting Start: 7:30 PM

This month we have Janet Lamborn, Plant Pathogen Diagnostics from Agdia, Inc/Agdia Testing Services. Janet is presenting "Don’t put on the virus blinders, your collection is depending on you". Janet will discuss the dreaded orchid viruses! A good meeting for learning about keeping your orchid safe!

See you there!

Bio: Janet Lamborn has been involved in the plant diagnostic industry for over sixteen years at Agdia, Inc. Starting in Agdia’s Testing Services Laboratory, she gained considerable knowledge of the crops received in the lab, including orchids. After several years in Testing Services, Janet moved into the Sales and Marketing department. She works closely with Agdia’s customers, including specialty crop groups such as orchid societies, making sure members and hobbyists understand what they should be testing for and the options that are available.

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