Regular Meeting for October 14th – Update

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In a last minute save Clint has agreed to be our speaker for October. Clint’s talk is titled Dendrobiums – Tips for Successful Cultivation. It has taken a decade or so for me to have some success with Dendrobiums, mostly due to Clint (Walt).

The society will get to enjoy Clint’s 15% discount on purchases to clubs that Clint is giving a talk. You have two options. The first option is to phone or email him with your purchase request and pick the plant(s) up at our regular monthly meeting. The second option is to drop by the shop Saturday, October 12th and make sure you are dealing with Clint. The discount does not apply (in shop) Monday, October 14th, Clint will not be in the shop most of the day.

Update: Oops, forgot that Clint is a vendor in the Denver Orchid Show. Clint will not be in the shop Saturday, October 12th. The above second option is no long available. You may still email or try to phone Clint in Denver to place an order that you can pick up at our regular October meeting.

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