President’s Message – October, 2013

Now that the society is meeting regularly again I can appreciate the collective expertise we amass at any of our gatherings. As I write this, I have a Dendrobium kingianum outside under a tall rose bush. It is a rainy day with night temperatures predicted to be in the forties. While such conditions would be fatal to some members of the dendrobium clan, I know this species can tolerate them just fine, and will probably appreciate nature watering it with a purer product than the tap water I generally use. My source for this information, our own Clint Lewis, will be presenting to us next Monday, the 14th, and will be talking to us about Dendrobium culture. I look forward to learning more about this vast family of plants.

Just as I enjoy learning about any of the plants I grow from the seasoned or new and enthusiastic members, I try not to take for granted the participation of all our society members. You all provide great guidance and contribute so much to each other. Please join us at the Kyoto restaurant, and/or our meeting if you are able.


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